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Are you a financial advisor in Dallas or thinking about moving to Dallas? Have you reached a point in your career where you feel like you’re no longer serving your clients the way you’d like to? Sometimes the best way to serve your clients and build the business you want is to make a change.

Whether you’re considering a move to another wirehouse, regional bank, or are thinking about going independent, you need an experienced advocate to help you transition.

How MPG Helps Dallas Financial Advisor Recruiters

Because we specialize in working with financial advisors, we understand what’s necessary to move closer to your life and business goals. We start by helping you get clarity, and only then do we begin designing an action plan. We find out what you like and don’t like about your current situation and help you uncover what’s most important to you.

  • MPG works with you at NO COST
  • We’re compensated directly from the firm you choose
  • In the case of mergers or acquisitions, MPG is compensated by the acquirer
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How We Work with Dallas Financial Advisor Recruiters

You probably have questions about the MPG process. We are committed to 100% transparency from day one. The process of engagement look like the following:

  • Connect - Contact us via email, phone, or set up a virtual meeting using our calendar function
  • Talk - During our initial no-obligation meeting, we keep your information private and never share. Whether you’re serious about making a transition or just have questions, we’re ready to help. 
  • Deep Dive - If we decide to move forward, the next step is a deep dive discovery session where we ask the right questions to uncover what really matters to you. 
  • We Start Working - We take what we learned in discovery and get to work finding the best matches for you and your vision. 
  • Post Placement Advocate - We’re invested in your long-term success, so even after you’ve been placed, MPG continues to act as a resource as needed as you make your transition. 
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Why Financial Advisor Recruiters are Moving to Dallas, TX

The financial services industry in Texas maintains a strong presence in banking, insurance, credit, lending, and investment. The industry directly employs 580,000 workers in the state. In the past decade, the Texas financial services industry has expanded by about 15%, the highest among the ten most populous states.

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