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Have you reached a point in your career where you feel like you're no longer in the best position to serve your clients? Would you like to grow your business or expand the scope of your services? Sometimes the only way to make the best choice for your clients and your business is to make a change. During your transition, you need an unbiased advocate with experience, knowledge, and the right connections.

Whether you are a W-2 employee advisor considering a move to another wire house, regional bank, or want to know more about the road to independence, MPG is ready to help you define your success path as a financial advisor in Houston, Dallas, Forth Worth or Oklahoma City and achieve it.

How MPG Can Help You?

MPG takes an"advisor-centric" approach to help you meet your career goals. With a clearly defined vision for the future, it's impossible to move forward. We help you get clarity on what you're aiming for by asking the right questions that get you to "dig deep." We explore the meaningful questions about your business, short and long-term goals, what you like about your current situation, what’s frustrating you, and what it will take to get what you want. This exploratory process and our expertise in this process is what sets MPG apart from other financial advisor recruiting firms.

  • MPG works with you at NO COST.
  • We get compensated directly from the firm you join, and your transition package is never impacted by our involvement.
  • For independent business owners considering mergers or acquisitions, MPG is compensated by the acquirer.
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The Process

Before you choose to work with us you probably want to know what our process looks like. Our clients rightfully want to know how we work, who we work for, how we are compensated, and more. We take pride in being 100% transparent about our process. Please contact us with questions about our process if you have any questions.

  • Get Connected– The first step in determining if you want to work with MPG is simply contacting us. Send an email, call, or set up a virtual meeting using the calendar function.
  • Start a Conversation – During our initial no-obligation meeting, the first thing you should know is we keep your information private and never share. Whether you're serious about making a move, or just curious about what it would look like we're motivated and ready to help you.
  • Discovery Session– We want to get to know you before we start discussing potential options and opportunities. The discovery session is a "deep dive" to discover what really matters to you. We ask questions, listen, ask more questions, and listen more. We find out where you are now, what's working, what's not working, where you want to be next year, and your long-term vision.  
  • We Get to Work – After the discovery session, we will have everything we need to find the best match for you. We follow up with potential firms and make sure you understand who they are and what they're looking for. If it seems like a good match, we take the next step. MPG directly connects you with hiring decision-makers, saving you the headache of navigating who to contact, follow-ups, and getting lost in the pipeline.
  • Post Placement Advocate – Our relationship doesn’t end after you start working with your new firm. We’re invested in your long-term success. MPG continues to act as a resource and advocate as needed as you make your transition into your new career.

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