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When you're looking to expand your firm or replace a vacancy, you have many recruiting firms to choose from. The challenge is knowing which agency has the experience, network, and professionalism to commit to the process of finding the best candidate. You need a recruiting firm that goes beyond the resume and goes the extra mile with each candidate to make sure they are not only qualified but will represent your brand like a professional and is energized to join your firm and perform at a high level from day one.

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Recruitment Reimagined

Attracting and retaining top talent is vital to the growth and success of every business regardless of industry or size. Finding that unique talent can seem daunting, or at the very least very time consuming. That is where the expertise and resources of Madison Professional Group comes into play. With your company’s specific guidelines and goals, we identify and supply candidates that will take your team and company to the next level all while saving your company time and resources.

Financial Advisors

Advisors often reach a point in their careers when they consider that where they are may not longer be the best place to serve their clients, grow their business, or enable them to seize their end goal. In order to make the best choice for you and your clients, you need an unbiased advocate with intelligence on the landscape of the industry. MPG has a track record of success in helping advisors like you find the right opportunity. There is a daunting array of models out there in the financial landscape of today. Whether you are a W-2 employee advisor considering a move to another wire house, regional bank, or have questions about the many versions of independence, we have the expertise to help you define a path.

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Beyond The Numbers

Because MPG takes an"advisor-centric" approach to recruiting the firms, we help know they're getting a candidate that has gone through our "deep dive" discovery session. The key to making connections that last is matching the right financial advisors with a financial firm they can thrive in. Just as we take the time to get to know our financial advisors, we put an equal amount of time and effort into getting to know our financial firms.

Getting to Know You

MPG knows that business success in a team environment is a direct result of individuals that work well together. In our process of getting to understand your firm, we make sure we have clarity on what defines your financial firm.

  • Culture and Team Dynamic
  • Financial Practice Structure
  • Short and Long term Goals  
  • Operating Process
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Your Ideal Financial Advisor Candidate

When you choose to work with MPG, you're choosing a recruiting firm that specialized in one type of candidate. We're financial industry experts and know how to identify the strongest candidates for your firm. We match you with candidates that have a diverse skill stack of both hard and soft skills to bring instant value to your operation. Skills that we know matter for your firm include:

  • Strong Problem Solving and Analytical Thinking Skills
  • Proven Track Record
  • Confidence & Assertiveness
  • Leadership
  • Drive / Initiative
  • Team Player
  • Strong Communication Skills

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