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Are you a financial consultant in Oklahoma City or one that’s thinking about moving to Oklahoma City? As more and more baby boomers approach retirement age the market is rapidly expanding for financial consultants in Oklahoma City. If you’re ready to make a move to a new firm or start out on your own, MPG is here to ensure you end up in a place that ensures your best business life.

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Why Financial Recruiters in Oklahoma City Trust MPG

Madison Professional Group realizes our success depends on our ability to cultivate relationships with each financial consultant we work with. This means we go the extra mile and take the necessary time to learn about you - beyond the numbers on your resume. Getting a deeper understanding of what you want dictates where you end up in your career, and your long-term success and happiness. We connect you with any of the following:

  • Traditional Brokerage Firms
  • Independent Brokerages 
  • RIAs and Custodians 
  • Banks
  • Multi-Family Offices
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Why Financial Firms in Oklahoma City Prefer MPG

MPG works with both financial consultants and firms looking to add top talent and find win-win outcomes. Firms looking to expand or fill a vacancy have a lot of recruiting firms to choose from, but the key to success is working with a recruiting firm that goes beyond the resume to find a financial consultant that will fit with your company culture. 

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Oklahoma City Financial Recruiter Outlook

Oklahoma City, or OKC, and surrounding areas combine for a population of nearly 1.5 million people. OKC has one of the world’s largest livestock markets, and oil and natural gas represent the economy’s largest sector. The federal government employs a large number of workers at Tinker Air Force Base and the United States Department of Transportation’s Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center. With such a massive population and strong economy, Oklahoma City is a great location for financial consultants looking for new opportunities to expand or go independent.

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