5 Favorite Daily Readings

February 5, 2021

As a recruiter your time and your candidates are your most valuable commodities. The ability to be able to fit it all in within the span of time you have carved out each day and each week is crucial to not only your practices and production, but your sanity as a human being.


The following are 5 websites that I visit daily to stay up to date on what is happening in the world:

  1. Advisor     Hub https://advisorhub.com/

Advisor Hub does a great job of capturing what is going on in the industry with advisors, the firms and what new programs or plans the competition is rolling out. I enjoy the way they share it and how they give snapshots of hot items and then you can read it in more detail if you would like. The Advisor HUB TV is really good as well because they feature all the firms.  @Tony Sirianni and his team do a great job.

  1. Barron’s     https://www.barrons.com/

I enjoy reading Barron’s (usually the online version). I like how they report, and I like that they do not seem to not have a biased slant which is always nice when wanting to formulate your own ideas and opinions.

  1. CNBC     https://www.cnbc.com/

CNBC is good because you can look at all the current events that are happening in a snapshot view and it helps to get a quick glance of the market and the world of finance. Also, if you want to dive into other areas such as Markets, Investing and personal finance it provides helpful articles as well. Plus, it has a very easy to use site.

  1. Twenty     over Ten https://blog.twentyoverten.com/

I like to tune in weekly and read their great blog posts. As a financial recruiter and business owner they offer great tips on marketing, especially for those with a Financial Advisory practice. Samantha Russell does a great job putting the pieces together for the reader. I especially like how you can extrapolate the information she shares into other industries.

  1. Becoming     Minimalist https://www.becomingminimalist.com/

This is one of the newer ones that I started following in December. I like it because of the overall philosophy and ideas of pairing back and focusing on what is important. I enjoy the tips and ideas that Joshua Becker shares with his audience. I believe they have a place and create a balance in today’s current climate.

I hope you have enjoyed me sharing some of my go-to websites that I view daily. I feel now more than ever it can be so important since we are all more remote and distant that it is important to keep ourselves informed but in a balanced and informed way. You might have different things you look at or listen to, but each day is a gift and we need to remember to value and appreciate it.


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