The Key to Creating a Great Company Culture

October 10, 2018
Career Advice

Social media, the news and other platforms are always mentioning the unique culture that places like Apple and Google have and how employees there are thriving. This has grown and had such an impact that we see people on social media posting about how their offices have fruit in in the lunch areas for healthy living or provide childcare for working mothers. The topic of company culture has become a hot topic. In fact, Deloitte’s 2018 Global Human Trends report points out that the transformation from pure business enterprises into business/social enterprises is increasing. Organizations today are increasingly judged based on their relationships with workers, their clients and their communities. This ties in with the company’s culture and its significance not only to the employer but employee. The next question posed is what to look at in order to create a great company culture:

  1. Building a foundation:  The first steps to creating a great company culture is to understand what culture is. In order to do this, key management needs to have discussions and brainstorm about the foundational values of the business in order to cultivate the message that their people will apply and relay to clients.
  2. Identify the company’s value:  A good step towards clarifying your culture is defining your values. The values are what’s important to you and how your company wants the people to feel and connect internally and externally. It is very important that the Leadership is on the same page, because when leadership has differing values this effects the direction and can create chaos for employees.
  3. Put the values into action:  Communicate with your employees about the companies’ value. They will be interfacing and carrying that out to your employees and the public. Communication is very important within your organization. How we communicate our message has huge impacts on the direction of the company.
  4. Working as a Team:  When you have everyone working together as a team it ties to the social enterprise and helps unite the company. Employees have a strong sense of loyalty when they are apart of a team sharing in the same vision.
  5. Maintain and carefully evolve the culture: As the company grows and time changes it is important to be agile to the evolution of the company’s culture.

All these items tie to having a great company culture. A strong social enterprise in an organization is vital. The mission and values provide the foundation for that the company’s profit and revenue growth will build upon. It is important to remember to listen to, invest in and actively manage the trends that are shaping todays wonder. The millennials of today are strong in believing that the organization they work in shoulders the responsibility for them to be a good citizen inside and outside the organization. This in turn makes for a stronger employee connection that promotes more collaboration and growth at all levels. This collaboration creates a strong company with a strong culture.

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