The Right Cultural FIT

October 10, 2018
Career Advice

When prepping candidates for an interview, we are looking to connect them, their skills and personality with the right employer, but another key component that needs to be considered is the right cultural fit. The question of whether a candidate fits the culture is often missed by both the employer and the candidate. A strong company culture impacts everything from employee productivity and happiness to customer retention and market growth. But every company’s culture is unique, often time even within the same industry. So, the question candidates must ask themselves is, “am I the right fit for this company’s culture?”. The following are a sample of ten questions to ask yourself or the employer:

  1. Does your company offer training and development opportunities?
  2. What type of individual succeeds at this position in your organization?
  3. What type of personality thrives in your company culture?
  4. Do you offer company team building activities outside of the workplace?
  5. Is there a focus on work-life balance at the company?
  6. How will my manager share feedback with me?
  7. What is the usual company dress attire?
  8. Is there room for growth and opportunity for advancement?
  9. If you are a veteran, is this a company that embraces that culture?
  10. How are employees incentivized?

Some of these questions may or may not be relevant depending on the role and the direction the interview is going. It is also important to develop some of your own questions about things that are important to you for a cultural fit. If you are working with a headhunter or recruiter, they can help you with cultivating this list during your prep time. If you have additional questions or feedback, please message me.  

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